Not over weddings yet!

I’m done with my wedding.. but definitely not over weddings! Things won’t be slowing down for me anytime soon… and here’s why!


My DIY Board

Prior to our wedding, I’d never had any penchant for arts and crafts so it’s kind of hard to believe I made all these. Have a look at my own DIY board:

… and here’s my PROUD BRIDE MOMENT, why of course!

Photos Galore

The Pastors (that’s us! ^_^ ) are very happy with how the wedding went. Even with some mishaps, I believe it was perfect! It was just the way we wanted it.. and even more!! I’d like to share some pictures from our amazing photographers Noel Salazar, Lai de Guzman and Kim Lim.

But before anything else… pictures of our DIYs are in Bridalbook. We got featured! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!! Thank you Bridalbook!

Now on to the pictures…

A lot of the photos we have, we were smiling.. and just looked so happy.

We have semi-glam shots, too!

The cutest bunch of our entourage.. our flower girls and bearers!

The girls became ladies… the dudes became gentlemen…

Tasty treasures!

Yepp, we did a table of pies instead of having the traditional wedding cake! We had a small cake though for us to have something to cut but for the most part, it was all pies.

Set in the middle of a lush green field, our wedding reception had a laid-back and down-home feel about it. The beautiful venue, with a charming little treehouse, a meandering pond and a landscaped garden, was just perfect for the entire feel of our wedding. Here are some pictures of the reception venue/styling:

Party ON!!!
Just so happy to be reliving every detail of that beautiful day through these pictures.


Prenup teaser

10 months ago, we got engaged in a cliff top setting with the most breathtaking view of the beach and the sunset. When boyp announced we were going back for our prenup shoot, I was so delighted. Never thought we’d be back so soon!

w/ Noel Salazar, Rae Venturanza, Vinz Matias, VJ Matias
and our own cheering squad in tow (Lany, Kent, Bambam, Shy, Ruth and Mark Joy)

We not only had one, but two amazing prenup photographers! We got more variety!

 (Click for larger image)

by Noel Salazar

by Vinz Matias

Thank you so very much guys!

My DIY Pomanders

I’m excited to share my latest DIY – pomander balls made of fabric flowers. Only for my gorgeous ladies!

Of all my DIY projects, this has to be the most time-consuming, most labor-intensive and most stressful. I had a few failed attempts, a heartache and a hundred wasted buttons before it all came together. It’s labor of love – in the truest sense of the word! So, here’s a look at my DIY poms:

Materials used:

customized buttons
fabrics (in colors orange, yellow orange and off-white)
hot glue gun
glue gun sticks
sewing kit
styro ball (6″ in diameter)
ribbon lace
a pair of scissor

So, here’s how I did it:

1. Cut out fabric strips 2.5″ wide and 11.5″ long, fold in half horizontally and baste stitch along the open edge
2. Pull the thread to gather up the fabric into a circle and stitch it closed
3. Place a button on the wire and slide it onto the fabric
4. Make a hole through the styro ball and insert the ribbon to make the handle for the pomander
5. Dab hot glue under the fabric flower and stick it in the styro ball
6. Keep placing fabric flowers until the ball is full (I used 32-35 fabric flowers per ball)

Here goes the finished product . . .

Pretty easy, right?

I want to end this post with a BIG THANK YOU to my uber-reliable beki girls Zane, Abby, Mameng and Grasha for helping me out with the fabric flowers. So much work was put into this DIY but with your help, it was pretty mindless work. I love you girls!

Sweet Lorraine

A song that has my name in it! Only it’s spelled differently… but I’ll take it. Thanks to my dear friend Zane for finding this.

We really must have this at the wedding!

Nat King Cole
Sweet Lorraine lyrics


Just found joy
I’m as happy as a baby boy, baby boy
With another brand new choo-choo choy
When I met my sweet lorraine, lorraine, lorraine.

A pair of eyes
That are brighter tham the summer sky
When you see them, you’ll realize
Why I love my sweet lorraine.

Now when it’s rainin’,
I don’t miss the sun
Because it’s in my baby’s smile, whoa ho
And to think that I’m the lucky one
That will lead her down the aisle, whoa ho ho

Each night I pray
That no one will steal her heart away
I can’t wait until that lucky day
When I marry sweet lorraine.


Now when it’s rainin’
I don’t miss the sun
Because it’s in my baby’s smile, whoa ho
And to think that I’m the lucky one
That will lead her down the aisle, whoa ho ho

Each night I pray
That no one will steal her heart away
I can’t wait until that lucky day
When I marry sweet lorraine.

Kelan ang long table?

Once word got out about the engagement, families and friends were excited to know when the wedding date is. Well, truth be told, choosing a wedding date isn’t as easy as it seems. A few times, we changed our minds about what month and even year to go for. We wanted to wait until Feb 2013 because that’s the best time of the year weather-wise but both families are too excited to wait too long! They were pushing for March 2012 but eeek! That’s in 9-10 months already and is hardly an option budget-wise. Then we finally decided I am going to be a June bride. Why not? June also happens to be my birthday month. They say, when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life. And the bridegroom who marries in June gets a sweetheart for a wife. I abso-bloody-lutely agree, especially about the second part. *insert big evil-ish laugh here*

1 year to go! Hang in there friends! The wedding will be here before you know it!